Monday, June 27, 2022

Official Opening of Rückenfigur at Queenscliff Gallery

Gaye Britt

Pictured above and below are selected highlights from yesterday afternoon’s launch of my solo show, Rückenfigur, at Queenscliff Gallery. A million thanks to all who came, including many who traveled from far and wide in somewhat inclement weather, to those who acquired works and to Queenscliff Gallery’s Theo and Soula Mantalvanos for making it all happen. 

To explore the exhibition in 3D, go here:

Soula Mantalvanos, myself, Dmetri Kakmi and Christine Hickson 

Peter Cooper and Carole Wilson 

Christine Hickson and Shane Jones

Soula Mantalvanos and Godwin Bradbeer

Kathryn Ryan, Antonio Baletta and Brendan Ryan

Terrence Morse and Beth

With Eugene Barilo von Reisberg 

Centre - right: Shane Jones, Christine Hickson, Libby Drew and Scott Bain

Lisa Sassella and Bill Reid

Shirley Ploog and Gaye Britt

Gaye Britt, Tim Gresham, myself and Kathryn Ryan

With Michael and Jennifer Fitzgerald  

Dmetri Kakmi and Theo Mantalvanos 

Susan and Antonio Balletta, Scott Bain and Libby Drew

Tim Gresham and Dmetri Kakmi 

Eugene Barilo von Reisberg and Shane Jones

Gaye Britt, Tim Gresham, Brendan Ryan and Kathryn Ryan

Susan Balletta and Brendan Ryan

Myself, Zoe and Soula

Iga and Peter Bajer and family. Peter and Iga were wonderful hosts during my recent residency at Geelong Grammar School. 

Paul Compton and Evan

A post-exhibition coffee at 360Q with these lovely people was one of the day’s highlights.
Clockwise: Shane Jones, myself, Kathryn Ryan, Brendan Ryan, Susan Balletta,
Angela Bourke, Antonio Balletta and Godwin Bradbeer. Thank you to the 
staff member who took the photo.