Tuesday, October 19, 2010

'Natural Histories' Launch

Here are a few shots, taken mostly during the early stages of the opening night. My partner Shane Jones was delegated photographer and took all but one of them. Thanks to Deborah Bradbury for the last photograph (directly above) of Shane and I with artist Hannah Bertram. Later it became too crowded and we got too distracted by the countless conversations that occur at a busy opening. It was fantastic to see so many people, including friends and fellow artists. Thank you to everyone who came and made it such a memorable evening for me.

Special thanks to Delwyn Freestone, Director of Chrysalis Gallery, who has taken so much care with every aspect of the exhibition. Warm thanks also to Andrew Gunnell of Chrysalis Gallery.

From top:
  • Deborah Walker, Craig Gough, Wendy Stavrianos and James Griffin
  • Bartender extraordinaire John Ryrie
  • Marian Crawford and Valerie Sparks
  • Doug Willis and Andrew Gunnell; in background: Chris Cochius and Joy Smith
  • Brian Pieper, Deborah Bradbury, Richard Morrison, Carolyn Goldberg
  • Diane Soumilas, John Hinde, Jane Burton
  • Background, left: Ralph Moran, Deborah Bradbury; foreground: Paul Compton and Priscilla     Ambrosini
  • Deborah Klein and Martina Copley
  • Jazmina Cininas, Lisa Barmby, Lisa Sassella, Bill Reid (with back to camera) and Elyss McCleary
  • Shane Jones, Hannah Bertram and I (photograph by Deborah Bradbury)

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Natural Histories installation views

Selected shots of the exhibition, room by room.