Tuesday, December 24, 2013


Christmas at Ballarat, 2013

The Season to be Jolly comes but once a year. For many people that's more than enough, with the compulsory jolliness simply too big an ask. But I've always rather enjoyed this time of year. Perhaps I've read Dickens's A Christmas Carol once too often. Since I bought the house at Ballarat, we've even turned into a two Christmas tree family. Our fine new tree currently takes pride of place in the living room (see directly above) and offers seemingly unlimited scope for our growing collection of Christmas decorations. Every year Shane suggests we leave our tree up all year (like Harpo Marx once did). But in the end we reluctantly take the advice of those boring old Corinthians and put away childish things. We are comforted to know that another Christmas will be upon us before we know it.

Meanwhile, our original tree of many years standing graces the living room in our Melbourne place. It's still our sentimental favourite. See it at Moth Woman Press HERE.

Pictured  top:
Untitled, relief print, 1998, 73 x 62 cm (called back into service as a Christmas card)

Merry Christmas, everyone.