Wednesday, January 31, 2018

TWS Small works exhibition and fundraiser

This Wild Song (TWS) is a visionary project instigated by Melbourne-based photographer Ilona Wilson that shines a light on contemporary Australian women artists.

In an exciting new development, a plan is afoot to show TWS in Singapore. Towards this end, a fundraising exhibition is currently underway at Gallerysmith, featuring works by over 40 TWS artists, including my phemograph, Fallen Woman 1, 2017 (pictured above).

Works can be purchased via an online silent auction. To view the exhibits and place a bid (or even more) visit the event listing on the TWS website here:

Exhibition at Gallerysmith: 30th January – 3rd February

Curator tour: 1st February 12:30 - 1:30pm

Closing event: 3rd Feb 1 - 3pm

Silent auction ends: 3rd Feb 3pm

Exhibiting artists: Kirstin Berg / Hannah Bertram / Sophie Bottomley / Celeste Chandler / Danica Chappell / Filomena Coppola / Yvette Coppersmith / Ella Dreyfus / Nanou Dupuis / Michele Elliot / Megan Evans / Belinda Fox / Minka Gillian / Wanda Gillespie / Erika Gofton / Jennifer Goodman / Michelle Hamer / Freya Jobbins / Kate Just / Dena Kahan / Justine Khamara / Alicia King / Deborah Klein / Sue Kneebone / Anita Larkin / Emma Lindsay / Ilona Nelson / Indigo O’Rourke / Becc Orszåg / Valentina Palonen / Polixeni Papapetrou / Caroline Phillips / Cat Rabbit / Natalie Ryan / Pip Ryan / Kevina-Jo Smith / Jacqui Stockdale / Abby Storey / Adriane Strampp / Merryn Trevethan / Charlotte Watson / Stephanie Wilson / Susan Wirth / Gosia Wlodarczak.

The exhibition is proudly sponsored by Gallerysmith and The Art Room.

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Three progress views

Image 1: 
Two works in contrasting stages of completion, part of a steadily expanding collection of miniatures to be exhibited mid-year in PATTERNS OF COLLECTING/From the Bower at the Johnston Collection

Image 2: 
Propped up on the lid of my watercolour set, a treasured postcard of Portrait of a Lady  by Renaissance artist brothers Antonio and Piero del Pollaiolo, purchased many years ago at the Uffizi, never ceases to delight and inspire. Also on the worktable, A Thing Apart, a catalogue focusing in fascinating detail on the Johnston Collection’s fine collection of miniature portraits, is an invaluable source of background and technical information. 

Image 3:
Two newly completed non-portrait miniatures (12 x 9 cm and 9 x 7 cm) ready to be inserted in their respective frames.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

A growing collection of miniatures

Recently completed miniature watercolours (L-R: 12.5 x 8.5 and 7.5 x 4.5 cm)

On the drawing table: a further two miniature watercolours (including the smallest so far) intended for the mid-year show PATTERNS OF COLLECTING/From the Bower at the Johnston Collection. 

For full details of the exhibition, scroll down to my previous post.

Friday, January 5, 2018

Starting here, starting now

Progress view of Non-portrait 1 and Non-portrait 2, miniature watercolours, together with the vintage
frames in which they will be displayed

I haven't made too many New Year Resolutions, but at the top of my short list is a solemn vow to take things a great deal more slowly than I have in past years, particularly in 2017. Towards this end, I've become extremely selective about taking on new commitments, particularly those that constantly interrupt precious studio time, with each disruption not only taking me further away from achieving my goals, but also leaving little time to pause and reflect, let alone spend quality time with friends and family.

There are, however, a handful of side-projects I'm particularly excited about, doubly so, as all of them are adjuncts to the longterm project I'm about to undertake.*

One of these is PATTERNS OF COLLECTING/From the Bower at the Johnston CollectionLouis LeVaillant, Director/Curator of the Johnston Collection in East Melbourne recently invited Loris Button, Louise Saxton, Carole Wilson and myself to exhibit a site specific version of From the bower - patterns of collecting at the Johnston Collection in 2018. The show enjoyed long and successful runs at Warrnambool Art Gallery and the Art Gallery of Ballarat during 2017.

The majority of our artworks and collections will respond to facets of the museum's wonderfully diverse permanent collection. Along with selected pieces from the show's previous incarnations, we've all elected to exhibit previously unseen collection objects and artworks, with most of the latter made specifically for the show.

For example, taking the museum's superb collection of portrait miniatures as a basis, I've begun a series of miniature watercolour paintings. True to the Bower Bird spirit, I have also amassed a substantial collection of vintage frames recalling those in which traditional portrait miniatures are housed. Progress views of the first two watercolours and their matching frames are pictured above and closeup views of the paintings are shown below.

The following information is from the Johnston Collection's website:

PATTERNS OF COLLECTING | From the Bower at The Johnston Collection

Monday 4 June 2018 - Tuesday 18 September 2018

An installation led by guest curator and artist, Carole Wilson as part of our ongoing ‘house of ideas’ series

PATTERNS OF COLLECTING presents artwork and items from the personal collections of four contemporary Victorian artists: Loris Button, Deborah Klein, Louise Saxton and Carole Wilson.

The artists, who make the Bower, are linked by their studio practice, their regional locations and connections, and their love of gleaning. Their studio collections range from curiosities, natural history specimens, memorabilia, discarded books and china, domestic textiles, carpet and linoleum, and old tools of trade.


L - R: Non-portrait 1, watercolour, 9 x 7 cm and Non-portrait 2, watercolour, 13 x 9 cm (progress view)

Non-portrait 1, slightly enlarged. (Progress view)

Non-portrait 2 (progress view)

In 2017 I was invited by the Melbourne Athenaeum Library to be their Artist-in-Residence for Melbourne Rare Book Week, which runs from 29 June - 8 July, 2018.

During that time, my limited edition artist book, Leaves of Absence, which was launched at the library in December, 2017 and subsequently acquired for their permanent collection, will be on view in the library, along with selected copies of Moth Woman Press books and zines.

Throughout the two-week residency, which commences in the week leading up to Melbourne Rare Book Week, I'll be working on a new artist book. Like my project for the Johnston Collection, it will revisit the Knots and Braids imagery that for many years has been central to much of my work. The artist book will also mark a return to linocutting, following a brief hiatus.

Needless to say, I'll have my head down preparing for both of these events.

Meanwhile, I'm delighted to have been invited by Charles Nodrum Gallery to participate in Heads and Bodies, a group exhibition exploring the depiction of the human head and body. Kate Nodrum has selected my oil pastel, The Secret Plait, for inclusion in the show. Full details will be supplied nearer the time.

Heads and Bodies will run from 1 - 17 March, 2018.

*In brief, my intention is to take up where I left off at the end of last year's short but fruitful residency at the Art Vault.