Thursday, January 7, 2021

THE BIG KITTY - Official Selection for the Paris International Film Festival

In the wake of a new year that’s barely under way, we’ve received some exciting news. THE BIG KITTY, debut feature of Australian artists Tom Alberts and Lisa Barmby, has been selected for the Paris International Film Festival.

Highlighting the new voices of independent cinema, PIFF puts French and International filmmakers with a positive message under the spotlight.

Built around its independent features and short films competitions, the Festival offers a wide look on both international and French independent production, in particular independent films broadcasting a clear, positive message with international potential.

- From the Paris International Film Festival website 

This latest accolade follows closely on the heels of THE BIG KITTY’s world premiere at Another Hole in the Head, the San Francisco Virtual Film Festival, which ran from 11 - 27 December 2020.

THE BIG KITTY stars Tom, Lisa and their cat Monsieur Baptiste with a supporting cast plucked from the Melbourne arts world. As previously reported, I have a small speaking role as fortune teller Madame F and my partner Shane Jones plays Shadrack, a corrupt Irish cop. The above photo was snapped directly after shooting the only scene in which he and I appear together. L-R are Jasmine Mahon, Paul McCluskey, Mariella Delconte, Tom Alberts, Lisa Barmby, Lewis Miller, myself, Shane Jones, Angela Cavalieri and Steven Kafkarisos. Pictured below: M. Baptiste and Lisa Barmby in a still from the nightclub scene.

In Berkleyside, John Seal included THE BIG KITTY among his top picks from Another Hole in the Head, The San Francisco Virtual Film Festival. His review, dated December 11, 2020 is HERE.

Shane has written about the film on his Art Blog. You can read the post, dated December 12, 2020, HERE.

For more about THE BIG KITTY, including a trailer and It’s a Wrap short, go HERE.

The Paris International Film Festival website is HERE.

For a list of selected films and to purchase tickets, go HERE.

PIFF 2021 runs from 4 - 14 February.