Monday, August 2, 2021

BACKSTORIES Artist Celebration

Above and below are a selection of photos snapped at Saturday afternoon’s lively opening of BACKSTORIES, my solo show at Stephen McLaughlan Gallery. (That’s Stephen pictured with me above). It was a marvellous turnout, although despite our best efforts, not everyone was captured on camera. Several people remarked that the event reminded them of how exhibition openings used to be before our lives changed so dramatically in 2020. For me, what meant the most was to see so many people from so many facets of my life all gathered together in one room. I still can’t believe the pictures are up on the walls. Stephen’s gorgeous hang allows the works to breathe and the response to the work itself was hugely gratifying. No artist could wish for more. Thanks again, Stephen and everyone who came and made the day so special. 

Click on each group for a clearer view. 

Pictured above, top left: Linda Gibbs; top right: John Ryrie, Des Cowley, Susan Millard, Vanessa Taylor;
Bottom left: Des Cowley, Susan Millard; bottom right: John Ryrie

Pictured above, top left: Priscilla Ambrosini, James Harrison; top right: Dmetri Kakmi, 
James Harrison, Ellen Jaye Benson, Sonya Suares, Dean Varndell, Sonja Hansen;
Bottom left: Loris Button, Julie Keating, Sonja Hansen, Tim Gresham; 
bottom right: John Ryrie, Danny

 Pictured above, top left: Tim Gresham, Dean Varndell, Gaye Britt; 
top right: myself, Sonya Suares, Vanessa Taylor;
Bottom left: Shane Jones and I; bottom right: myself and Graeme Williams 

  Pictured above, top left: Gracia Haby, Alistair Fowler, Vicki Fowler, Louise Jennison;
top right: Mary Bellas, Kathryn Ryan, Graeme Williams, Nathan Moshinsky,
  Sonya Suares, Julie Keating, myself; 
Bottom left: Peter and Iga Bajer; bottom right: Sonja Hansen, Dean Varndell, Oenone Oxelade 

 Pictured above, top left: Julie Keating, Shane Jones; top right: myself, Euan Heng, 
Jennifer Jones O’Neil, Catherine Heng;
Bottom left: Ellen Jaye Benson, Paul Compton, myself, Priscilla Ambrosini, Christine Hickson;
bottom right: Kathryn Ryan, Paul Logsdon, Shane Jones, myself, Sara Lindsay  

Pictured above, top left: Peter and Iga Bajer, Tim Gresham, Alistair Fowler, 
Dean Varndell, Gaye Britt; top right: myself and Sonya Suares
Bottom left: Installation view: Tomorrow, Tracker and Enisled, ink and gouache;
bottom right: Installation view: Three Women, triptych, acrylic on canvas