Thursday, August 12, 2021

MIFF 2021 Ballarat Style

This year’s Melbourne International Film Festival is another scaled-down affair. Sadly, for the second year running, we won’t get to hang out in Melbourne with our special MIFF friends.

Sadder still, I won’t be turning heads with my snazzy new footwear (the result of a torn ligament, an old injury that has only recently been diagnosed), nor can I make it up the stairs to our cinema room. Instead, Shane and I must content ourselves with Miffing it in our downstairs living room under the watchful gaze of the Moth Women.

At least we’ll be well-caffeinated for streaming MIFF 69, thanks to our trusty MIFF mugs. So far we’ve clocked up ten films and still going strong. I’ve already fallen completely in love with one film. Looking forward to comparing notes on our favourites and not-so-favourites with MIFF buds, if only by text, email and social media. Hopefully this time next year it will be over coffee and cake or a glass of wine.