Wednesday, August 4, 2021

BACKSTORIES Artist Celebration Part 2

The BACKSTORIES Artist Celebration at Stephen McLaughlan Gallery last Saturday is something I’ll long remember. Since publishing my own photos of the event, I’ve been sent additional photographs. I’m thrilled to have them because they contain images of people who slipped through the net in the first round. 

As Stephen McLaughlan, who took the first three shots below, remarked, the photos are a useful record of attendees. But more than that, they hold precious memories of a very special day. 

Huge thanks to Julie Keating for sending through the remaining photographs. That’s Julie herself in the red and white spotted mask in Stephen’s photo second from the top and with Loris Button in the very last picture below.

L-R: Christine Hickson, Lucy Sussex, Heather Barker, Graeme Williams, Paul Logsdon, 
Ewan Barker, Tim Gresham, Sonja Hansen Dean Varndell, Tim Jones

L-R: Julie Keating, Louise Jennison, Gracia Haby, Vicki Fowler, Alistair Fowler, Peter and Iga Bajer

L-R: Shane Jones, Linda Gibbs, Vanessa Taylor, John Waller, Anna Maria Plescia and myself 
Photo credit for the above three views: Stephen McLaughlan

 From foreground, left: Dan Kellett, John Ryrie, Shane Jones, Lucy Sussex, 
Ewan and Heather Barker, Christine Hickson 

Stephen McLaughlan

L-R: Tim Gresham, Sonja Hansen, Gaye Britt, Dean Varndell, Gracia Haby,
Vicki Fowler, Louise Jennison 

L-R: Dean Varndell, Lucy Sussex, Alistair Fowler, 
Gracia Haby, Louise Jennison 

L-R: Tim Gresham, Christine Hickson, Loris Button,Peter and Iga Bajer

Dean Varndell 

Vanessa Taylor 

L-R: myself, Sonya Suares, Shane Jones, Lucy Sussex, Sonja Hansen, Gaye Britt,
Dean Varndell, Alistair Fowler, Gracia Haby, Vicki Fowler

L-R: Christine Hickson, Libby Drew and Scott, Euan and Catherine Heng, 
myself and Michael Vale

L-R: Ewan Barker, John Ryrie, Dan Kellett, Gaye Britt

Kathryn Ryan and Paul Logsdon 

L-R: Paul Logsdon, Kathryn Ryan, Graeme Williams, Leigh Hobbs

L-R: myself, Catherine Heng and Donna McRae

L-R: Lucy Sussex, Dean Varndell, Gracia Haby, Vicki Fowler, Louise Jennison 

L: Sonya Suares, myself, Tim Gresham; off-centre: Dan Kellett, John Ryrie, Shane Jones
Right: Lucy Sussex, Ewan and Heather Barker

L-R: Vanessa Taylor, Alistair Fowler, Vicki Fowler, Louise Jennison, Gracia Haby,
Sonja Hansen and Dean Varndell

L-R: Vicki Bellas, her friend Queenie and Mary Bellas

L-R: Gaye Britt, myself and Tim Gresham 
Photo credit for all but the photo below and the top three views: Julie Keating 

L-R: Loris Button, Julie Keating, Leigh Hobbs
Photo credit: Kathryn Ryan