Friday, January 31, 2014

Nature in Print: Selected Highlights

My past three days as a special guest artist of the Australian Print Workshop have been a joy. The ten participants in the Nature in Print linocut workshop were all eager to learn and make the most of the three days allotted to them. I couldn't believe how much they achieved in the relatively brief period, which certainly went by in a flash.

The class instructor Simon White was a fountain of knowledge. After the first day I sat towards the back of the room to keep out from under foot, especially when the others started printing in earnest. Meanwhile I worked diligently on my own linocut, Jewel Beetle Woman (see directly below). Periodically, however, I'd join them to watch one of Simon's demonstrations or have a look at the progress of everyone's work. The enthusiasm of the group was both infectious and inspiring. I tend to work in solitude for most of the time, and had almost almost forgotten how energising a print studio can be. This group made it especially so. 

Left to right, looking into the distance: Linda, Jini, Bronwyn, Gaele, Richarda and Chris

From left to right: Tristana, Marie, Linda, Gaele, Simon, Margaret, Bronwyn, Thea and Richarda

Left to right: Gaele, Simon, Margaret, Richarda Marie, Thea and Jini

Bronwyn rolls up her lino block

Gaele and Simon

From left to right: Simon, Bronwyn Linda, Jini, Marie and Tristana

From left: Bronwyn, Richarda, Simon, Linda, Margaret, Jini, Gaele, Tristana, Thea (behind Thristana) Chris and Marie

On the second day Thea brought in some specimens from her remarkable insect collection to share with us:

Thanks so much to the APW and especially Simon and our wonderful printmaking group: Marie, Thea, Linda, Chris, Margaret, Bronwyn, Jini, Tristana, Gaele and Richarda. I learned such a lot from everyone (all artists are perpetual students, no matter how many years we put in). It was a pleasure to spend time with you all. Keep up the great printmaking.

For more photographs of the linocut workshop, visit Moth Woman Press HERE.