Monday, January 27, 2014

Nature in Print: Jewel Beetle Woman

As those who have read my two previous posts will now be well and truly aware, tomorrow I begin a short stint as a special guest artist of the Australian Print Workshop Summer School’s Nature in Print. The workshop instructor is APW Master Printer Simon White. Like the class participants, whom I very much look forward to meeting, I will be making a linocut during the three-day course. I'll also discuss my research methods and the ideas that have directed the current work.

Over the last few years I’ve accumulated a considerable collection of natural history books and journals, as well as studying insect specimens first-hand. The website of the CSIRO has also provided rich source material, particularly in relation to Australian moths.

My image has already been drawn onto the block in readiness for the workshop; I’ve documented its development to indicate the process involved up to this point.

In preparation for this linocut I made three small working drawings and from them chose Jewel Beetle Woman. The image was outlined on the block in pencil and completed in brush and ink. In addition, I applied white acrylic paint in order to facilitate some alterations and corrections. The linocut will be printed by Simon White and I will hand colour the edition with watercolour and pigmented drawing ink.

Pictured above: 
Jewel Beetle Woman, 2014, lino block in progress, 45 x 30 cm
Sketchbook images: Pencil on paper, 15 x 11 cm (paper size)