Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Forward to the future

Pictured above are some lino blocks, all destined for 2014 projects. Most were made in what has been my temporary studio for way too long: the tiny third bedroom in our house at Ballarat.

It’s over two years since I bought the house. Our Master Plan was to convert the large garage in the back garden into a studio. Because of work commitments, however, the conversion largely went on hold. But during 2013, progress was slowly, but very surely, made. Shane added skylights and insulated the walls and ceiling. We also had a sink and double glass doors installed. Just before the year's end, Shane finished laying a floating floor (purchased from IKEA at a bargain price).

It’s finally starting to look like a studio, although there’s still much to be done, most notably calling in an electrician to install new lighting and a removalist to transport our press, plan cabinets, work benches and other miscellaneous equipment from Melbourne.

The end of what has been a frustratingly drawn out process is definitely in sight. What a wonderful way to start the year.