Friday, October 21, 2022

The Greatest Treasure of Charlemagne the King


Sadly, the children’s picture book I illustrated back in 1996, The Greatest Treasure of Charlemagne King by Nadia Wheatley, originally published by Scholastic, is no longer in print in Australia. It’s a shame, because Nadia’s story is wonderful and its message is timeless. 

The book is still going strong in Korea, however. The Korean publisher recently renewed its agreement and three copies of the book have just arrived in the mail.

I will always thankful to Nadia for putting my name forward for this venture. Some years ago, I donated the original oil pastel illustrations and working drawings to the State Library of Victoria, aside from two illustrations, one of which I gifted to Nadia and the other to the book’s editor, Robin Morrow

A synopsis of the story is on Nadia Wheatley’s website HERE.