Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Three highlights from last weekend

The opening night of David Ferry’s exhibition, THE INVADER’S GUIDE TO THE BRITISH ISLES at the Post Office Gallery, Ballarat on Saturday evening was one of three highlights of the past weekend. The opening address by guest speaker, Euan Heng, was the second. The exhibition spans twenty-five years of David’s work; it includes altered books and images that take a sassy, satirical poke at British history and geography. The show runs until 20 November and is a must-see.

Pictured L-R: Euan Heng, David Ferry, Anne Rowlands and Simon Storey.

Viewing a selection of David's altered books and printed ephemera.
Behind me is Christine Hickson. Photo credit: James Pasakos.

L-R: Euan Heng, Catherine Heng and Post Office Gallery Director, Shelley Hinton.  Photo credit: James Pasakos.

The opening night at its height. Among the crowd are: Pauline O'Shannesey-Dowling,
Shane Jones, Catherine Heng, Ewan Barker, Debbie Hill, myself and Carole Wilson
Photo credit: James Pasakos.

David Ferry and Euan Heng. Photo credit: James Pasakos.

Third of last weekend’s three highlights was the visit Shane Jones and I made to Queenscliff Gallery & Workshop on Sunday afternoon. Queenscliff must be one of the prettiest towns in Australia, and the gallery, which is in its centre, is absolutely beautiful.

Outside the main entrance of Queenscliff Gallery & Workshop. Photo credit: Shane Jones.

Directly below are two views of the gallery's mezzanine level. Pictured L-R: Shane Jones and Soula Mantalvanos. On the table are my four works destined for the next exhibition, CHROMATIC, including the linocut Jewel Beetle Woman and (barely visible through its bubble wrapping) the painting Dysphania cuprina Moth Mask. 

We were fortunate to catch the splendid group show, CREATURES, before it closed at the end of October.

Selected artworks from the group exhibition CREATURES

 Pictured above: Theo Mantalvanos and Shane Jones. Artworks L-R: intaglios by Philip Davey, 
followed by two of my linocuts from the Winged Women series and two watercolours
(with charcoal and pencil) by Leonie Connellan.

Best of all was catching up with Theo and Soula at long last. Thank you both for the great conversation and seriously good coffee.