Thursday, October 20, 2016

LINOCUT for artists & designers

As an unexpected bonus, the package from Nick Morley also contained a wonderful hand-made bookplate and card

Linocut for artists & designers by Margate-based artist and illustrator Nick Morley was published in the United Kingdom in June, 2016. It includes a two-page spread on my work. Recently I received my very own copy (pictured above and below in the Ballarat studio). Thank you so much, Nick Morley (AKA Linocut Boy). It's by far the most comprehensive book on the subject I've ever encountered. As regular visitors to this blog will be aware, I've had numerous technical problems printing linocuts of late, to the extent that at one stage I seriously considered abandoning the medium altogether. There are still several printmaking projects I've committed to, however, so realistically it doesn't look like that is going to happen any time soon. The arrival of this book is therefore timely; it will be an invaluable reference, which I expect to turn to on a regular basis.

The chapter on my linocuts. I'm one of eight international artists to be represented in the book.

For selected page views of Linocut for artists & designers, go HERE.

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