Tuesday, January 10, 2023

Storage units update

For artists who have been around for as long as Shane Jones and I, storage can become an increasingly vexing issue. Last year, in an effort to ease the load and hopefully introduce some order out of chaos, we acquired two small storage pods. As documented on February 21, 2022, delivery and placement of the pods presented a series of nerve-wracking challenges, each one systematically dealt with by the expert, cool headed driver and quick-thinking Shane. 

It’s occurred to me that I’ve never posted an update on the pods - although to be honest, for far too long, there wasn’t a lot to show. 2022 was a particularly hectic year (including two exhibitions and a residency for each of us), so it was several months before we could find the necessary time to set them up. The adjustable shelves, which are perfect for accommodating our changing needs, were purchased from our local Officeworks. I’ve owned the drop-leaf table for several years. It’s proving particularly invaluable for sorting the contents of the plan cabinet opposite and when not in use, the sides can be dropped down to save on space. 

The storage units still need fine-tuning, but we are thrilled with them. For the first time since our move, we have been able to liberate the last of our artworks (and other stuff besides) from paid storage and accessing my work can now be achieved with relative ease, rather than being a major stressor. 

The next step - and it will be a doozy - is organising our garage into a printmaking studio, another long term project, juggled, as always, with other commitments.

At this stage, it all feels a tad overwhelming, but we’ll get there. Meanwhile, in the first month of a fresh new year, it feels good to pause, take a breath and reflect on just how far we’ve come.