Sunday, July 10, 2022



Jade, 2022, diptych, acrylic on canvas, 37(h) x 15(w)cm. 
Photo credit: Tim Gresham

It’s a wrap (well, almost).

Rückenfigur, my solo show at at Queenscliff Gallery, ends today, Sunday, July 10, at 4 pm.

Scroll through for a small selection of highlights, most of them taken at the official opening. Warmest thanks to Queenscliff Gallery, to those who made acquisitions and to everyone who dropped by during the exhibition’s run. 

To view additional highlights, scroll down to Blog Post Monday, June 27, 2022 or click HERE.

For those who missed the show, never fear. You can still pay it a virtual visit here: 

A link to individual works is here:

Photo credits for the following, unless otherwise stated: Soula Mantalvanos and Kathryn Ryan.

Antonietta Covino-Beehre, Loris Button and myself

With Helen Bodycomb and Martin Paten

Heather Barker, Loris Button, myself and Euan Barker

Lara Davies and Paul Compton 

With Euan Barker and Shirley Ploog

L-R: Tim Gresham, Christine Hickson, Gaye Britt, Susan Balletta, Theo Mantalvanos, Antonio Balletta
Shirley Ploog, Shane Jones
From centre: Eugene Barilo von Reisberg, Annie Drum, Gaye Britt

Peter Cooper (background, left), Miranda Costa (foreground),
 Loris Button and Antonietta Covina-Beehre (background, right)

Shane Jones

Libby Drew, Shane Jones, Scott Bain, Gaye Britt, Susan and Antonio Balletta, Tim Gresham and Christine Hickson 

Michael and Jennifer Fitzgerald, myself, Godwin Bradbeer, Angela Bourke and Christine Hickson 

With Godwin Bradbeer

Coffee at after the show at 360Q with Shane Jones, Kathryn Ryan, Brendan Ryan, Susan Balletta, Antonio Balletta 
and Godwin Bradbeer, surrounded by magnificent harbour views. Credit for above photo: staff member from 360Q