Monday, July 12, 2021

Art documentation

At the start of a new week, preparation for my forthcoming solo show, Backstories, continues apace. 

This afternoon we visited the studio of photographer Tim Gresham to get the last of the artworks documented. On the left is The Sea She Saw, the painting I recently reworked. (See Blog Post Saturday, July 3). 

Tim has been photographing my artwork since the late 1980s, when we both lived in Melbourne. Fortunately for me - and a lot of other local artists - he moved to Ballarat a few years ago. Tim still spends three days in Melbourne (he is also a talented weaver, and works part-time at the renowned Australian Tapestry Workshop), so Melbourne-based artists and galleries can still avail themselves of his services.

Ordinarily, I get groups of artworks documented as I go along. Today Tim also photographed a second work (not pictured) that was actually painted last year, but somehow fell through the cracks at the time. The next time I see the works on the wall will be on July 24 at the opening of my show at Stephen McLaughlan Gallery