Monday, May 6, 2024

UNSOLVED HISTORIES - Opening highlights

After Saturday’s lively opening of Unsolved Histories at The Old Butchers Shop Gallery, I fully expected Sunday would be comparatively quiet. My plan for the day, such as I had one, was to belatedly post some of Saturday’s highlights.

But it was not to be. By yesterday’s end, I reckon we had nearly as many visitors through as on the previous day. It was terrific to see so many faces, both familiar and unfamiliar, and I’ve so enjoyed chatting with many of you over the past two days.

The very short video directly below was shot by Julie Bennett, Director of The Old Butchers Shop Gallery.

A million thanks to everyone who has called in so far, to those who have purchased works and to the friends who stepped in to take these photographs, predominantly Jimmy Pasakos, but also Tim Gresham and Doug Willis.

Thank you to Julie Bennett for inviting me to show in this gem of a gallery and to my partner, Shane Jones, for far more reasons than I can possibly count. 

The exhibition is open weekends from 12-4 pm or by appointment until Sunday 26 May.