Monday, March 4, 2024

Scotty So: Queen of the Begonias

Here are some snapshots of last Saturday evening’s splendid launch of the Scotty So short film Queen of the Begonias and the Nan Goldin exhibition, The Ballad of Sexual Dependency at the Art Gallery of Ballarat.

1 L-R top: Shane Jones, myself, Scotty So, Tim Jones and Spencer Harrison. (Shane, Tim and I have cameos in Queen of the Begonias and Spencer - among several other hats he wore - was the DOP).

2 L-R: Exhibition Curator Julie McLaren with Scotty, aka Scarlett, Queen of the Begonias; 

3 Post-opening celebratory meal in the Oddie Gallery;

4-5 above (snapped on the day after the opening): Screenshot with me, Shane, Scotty and Tim, followed by closing credits. 

It was a privilege and a pleasure to be a small part of Queen of the Begonias. The film, which was commissioned by the Art Gallery of Ballarat, will be screening 24/7 on the gallery’s Big Screen until 4 April

To view an excerpt from Queen of the Begonias, click HERE.