Friday, December 23, 2022

Christmas in Ballarat

Christmas Greetings from Ballarat. 🎄

Pictured above are eleven recently completed miniature silhouette paintings. Ostensibly made for last Sunday’s BMI Christmas Maker Market, they also provided an invaluable opportunity to road test some new ideas ahead of the coming year.

Directly below: Under the eye of Alice, Shane decorates our new Christmas tree - - -

- - - followed by some detailed views.

No sooner had we trimmed the tree, when we discovered our first surprise waiting underneath it.

Meanwhile, our original tree, diminutive but best-loved, graces the downstairs entrance hall - - -

- - - watched over from the adjacent living room by Alice (who somehow managed to be in two places at once). The splendid cat cushion on her favourite chair was a recent birthday gift (to me, not Alice) from our dear friend, Paul Compton.

Merry Christmas, everyone!