Friday, September 2, 2022

Swan Hill Print & Drawing Acquisitive Awards 2022

My drawing, The Needlewoman (2022, pigmented drawing ink and watercolour, 76.5 x 56 cm) is a finalist in the Swan Hill Print & Drawing Acquisitive Awards 2022, opening tonight.

Artist Statement:

Women’s hidden histories are a primary focus of my work and one of its dominant motifs is the ‘figure seen from behind’, or Rückenfigur. A perpetual outsider, she invites us to share her journey, learn her story and see the world through her eyes. 

Like several recent works, including those featured in our previous blog post, my subject’s tattoo is based on a fragment of a needlework pattern designed by May Morris.

There are some wonderful artists in this show (including a couple of my fellow Goldfields Printmakers). It’s an honour to be counted among them.

The exhibition runs to 20 November.

Photo credit top image: Tim Gresham.