Tuesday, October 26, 2021

A time for farewells

One Way (pictured above) is one of several drawings that had their genesis during a particularly productive residency at The Art Vault in Mildura in 2017. Little did I know, it would be my last ever residency there, as this unique, irreplaceable gallery is currently in the process of closing down. The Art Vault has been a big part of my life; I’ll miss it very much, as will countless others, especially the many other artists they nurtured and encouraged. 

Navigator, pictured left in the following view, is a more recent work and Chainmail on its right, was also completed during the 2017 Art Vault residency. 

It seems this is a time for farewells. All three works are part of my solo show, Backstories at Stephen McLaughlan Gallery which is coming out of lockdown to see out its final two days this coming weekend, 30 - 31 October. 

Photo credit for the above installation views at Stephen McLaughlan Gallery: Kathryn Ryan and Julie Keating. All works are ink and gouache on Khadi paper, 15.5 x 11 cm.


Stephen McLaughlan Gallery

Level 8, Room 16, 37 Swanston Street


Special viewing times:

Saturday October 30: 11 am - 5 pm

Sunday October 31: 1 - 5 pm