Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Outsider Artists

The miniature linocuts Wallpaper Rose, the Disappearing Woman, Spider Woman and Bearded Lady featured in this post are part of Outsider Artists, a long-planned series that was stalled when other projects intervened. They finally came into the world after one of several unsuccessful attempts to edition the linocut Cossodes lyonetii Moth Woman. Sick and tired of wasting so much ink after each failed effort, I decided to proof some of them. A further incentive was the birthday of my good friend Paul Compton. Paul has always encouraged me to continue with the series, so it's entirely fitting that the very first proofs were presented to him on that auspicious occasion. 

Lino block and first proof of Wallpaper Rose, the Disappearing Woman

Hand-coloured artist proof of Wallpaper Rose, the Disappearing Woman

Lino block and first proof of Spider Woman

Hand-coloured artist proof of Spider Woman

Lino block and first proof of Bearded Lady

Hand-coloured artist proof of Bearded Lady

Meanwhile, acting on my partner Shane Jones's suggestion, I turned to Master Printer Bill Young to edition the vexed Cossodes lyonetii Moth Woman. I'm extremely fortunate that he agreed to take it on, especially at such short notice. Bill is one of the finest, most knowledgeable printers in the country. He's done a magnificent job and I can't thank him enough. Today I'll begin hand colouring the edition, which should still be ready by the deadline. The results will be shared in a future post. 

Once this is done, I stand firmly by my intention to take a break from lino cutting. Although the freshness and immediacy of working on a small scale has revived something of the sense of pleasure and satisfaction I once derived from making relief prints and the completed set of Outsider Artists prints may also become the basis for an artist book, all of this will happen in my own good time.