Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Drive Home

This recently completed linocut, shown in various stages of development, was made for two group exhibitions in the US. The print exists in two separate states. Pictured above is The Drive Home in its second state.

The Brooklyn Art Library initiated the theme for their Print Exchange 2013. It is reflective of their commitment to telling stories. Ironically, I don’t drive, but I do love storytelling; most recently I’ve been doing so via silhouettes in an ongoing series of miniature paintings and one-of-a-kind artist’s books. (To see the books in progress, visit Moth Woman Press HERE.)

The developmental drawings for The Drive Home were transformed into a painted miniature (9 x 7 cm, also pictured above, top). This in turn became a template for the linocut.

The Drive Home exhibition venues are:
Graphic Arts Workshop
2565 3rd Street
San Francisco CA 94107
July 2013

Robert Blackburn Printmaking Workshop
323 W 39th Street
5th Floor
New York NY
September 2013

In July 2013 The Drive Home will also be exhibited in a group exhibition and print exchange coordinated by Jonathan Stewart at Fort Worth, Texas. Venue to be confirmed