Monday, November 11, 2013

The 5th Anniversary of the Art Vault Part 1

On Friday, 1 November the Art Vault in Mildura turned 5 years old. For art lovers and especially the hoards of artists they have befriended during that time, this really was an event worth celebrating. And celebrate we did, almost non-stop, from our arrival on the evening of their birthday until our reluctant departure on Monday morning.

My partner Shane Jones and I have each undertaken two residencies on alternating years and on each occasion the experience has been incredibly rewarding and productive. My artist statement in their 5th Anniversary Catalogue sums up something of my experience of the Art Vault:

From my very first day at the Art Vault, I felt as if I’d come home. The environment is warm and friendly, the facilities superb. Everything is set in place for us to make our work and to use our time in the best way we see fit. A generosity of spirit pervades the Art Vault: artist-residents are nurtured and encouraged - sometimes downright spoilt. As an added bonus, over the years I’ve also met some wonderful people and made some lasting friendships.

Deborah Klein
July 2013

The generosity of  the Art Vault's founders Julie and Kevin seemingly knows no bounds. For the duration of our three-day long visit we stayed on their luxurious houseboat Cutting Edge. It is moored at the bottom of their garden which slopes gently and lushly down to the Murray River.

Our delightful houseboat-mates were fellow artists Ros Atkins, ex de Medici, Stephanie Bolt and Martin King. You would be hard-pressed to find a finer crew.

Below, clockwise: Dr Sasha Grishin, ex de Medici, Stephanie Bolt, Rosalind Atkins, Martin King and with his back to the camera, Shane Jones

On the day of the Art Vault's 5th Anniversary exhibition and party we entertained Dr Sasha Grishin, who would launch the show that evening. Below from far left (clockwise): Shane Jones, Dr Sasha Grishin, ex de Medici, Stephanie Bolt, Ros Atkins, Martin King and Rod Gray.

On Sunday, November 3, Julie and Kevin hosted a spectacular picnic brunch in their garden. It was great to meet fellow artist Anne Spudvilas, a former Art Vault artist in residence who loved the Mildura area so much that she has now moved here permanently. Having since visited her house, which nestles by the junction of the Murray and Darling Rivers, I can hardly blame her. We are pictured here in the spacious living room on the Cutting Edge.

Dusk over the Murray...

... and the sun sets on the end of a perfect day.