Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The 5th Anniversary of the Art Vault Part 3

Sunday brunch with Julie and Kevin

We were warmly greeted by Kevin upon arrival at the house on Friday evening. It was marvellous to see Kevin, Julie and all the Art Vault folk again. Left to right: Shane, Kevin, ex de Medici and Ros Atkins.

The chairs and tables were already in place for Sunday brunch:

On Sunday morning, just before the festivities got under way: Kevin, ex, Julie and Ros.

What a feast it was. Pictured below: Trace from the Art Vault (in profile, second from left) and Sasha Grishin (5th from right, rear). Second from right: artist Graeme Drendel piles his plate with tasty morsels.

Below: artist Susan Baran, the Art Vault's Mia Kolpin and Mia's Harvey.

Inside Julie and Kevin's house: myself and Peter Lancaster. (The following two photographs are courtesy of Anne Spudvilas):

Julie and Kevin had all the artists sign a life-sized poster of the door to the gallery's vault, from which it takes its name. The vault is now used as a storage area for artwork.

Here is Anne adding her signature and message of congratulations.

From left: Andrew, Shane, Peter, Wendy and Stephanie.

Below: yours truly with Shane, Susan, Anne and Martin. Photo courtesy Anne Spudvilas.

... and a visit with Anne Spudvilas

After brunch Anne kindly invited us to her house in Wentworth. Here she is showing us her studio in progress. Pictured from left: Anjilie, Martin, Anne, Denise and Susan.

The river from Anne's back garden:

I have quite a thing for birdbaths; this is the most striking example I've ever seen:

Anne's house, viewed from the back garden:

Another river view...

...and an unexpected visitor: