Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Wonder Hang Part 2

Until Tim Gresham takes some professional installation views of Wonder Room, I must content myself with my own snapshots, most of which were taken during the exhibition hang. They may not be up to Tim’s high standard, but they certainly bring back some great memories.

From top:

Image 1:
Pictured top row left and right respectively: my Tall Tales vertical artist books, and a cabinet of tiny silhouette paintings. Centre insert: Wonder Room artist Paul Compton vigorously polishing the display case of the latter (thanks, Paul).

Centre row, left to right: an installation view of Paul's superbly imagined and realised Cabinets of Wonder and a close-up of my favourite drawing in the series, The Dumb Waiter Cabinet, 2013.

Other centre inserts: my Tall Poppies miniature painting and directly beneath it, a detail of Heather Shimmen's magical Wonder Broom (pictured just before it flew up to the ceiling of the gallery and refused to come down). Peeking out from under this is my Homo-insecta, a limited edition portfolio containing eight hand coloured linocuts of recently discovered insect women.

On the bottom row left are a selection of Heather Shimmen's Celestials linocuts on felt and Rona Green's painting of plucky  'Bucky', 2013, photographed prior to their installation in Gallery 2. Bottom row right is another of my favourite works in the show, Rona’s The Doctor I: Vortis, 2010, one of several reincarnations of the immortal Doctor that are displayed in Gallery 1.

Image 2:
Paul Compton fine-tuning the display of the facsimile edition of my Homo-insecta porfolio.

Image 3:
Left to right: Maroondah Art Gallery volunteer Jennifer, assistant curator Clinton Greenwood and Wonder Room artist Paul Compton hard at work on Day 3 of the installation. 

Artwork (clockwise): Rona Green’s painting Bogeyman, my miniature Shadow Women paintings, Paul Compton’s unique pop-up book Pickled and my Cabinet of Insect Women watercolours.