Thursday, November 28, 2013

Last Days of Wonder Room

Immediately below are selected snapshots of the Wonder Room Floor Talk Paul Compton and I gave last Saturday to a wonderfully warm and receptive audience. The photographs were taken by Shane Jones.

DK pictured with Maroondah Art Gallery Curator Lisa Byrne

Paul Compton provides some fascinating insights into the making and meaning of his remarkable suite of
Cabinets of Curiosity drawings, as Curator Lisa Byrne, the audience and myself listen with rapt attention

Recently Tim Gresham took some installation views of the exhibition. 

Tim Gresham in Gallery 1, with works by Rona Green, Deborah Klein, Paul Compton and Filomena Coppola.
Photograph: DK

These are just some of the many terrific shots he took that day:

Gallery 2, left-right: works by Deborah Klein, Heather Shimmen and Rona Green. Photograph: Tim Gresham

Gallery 2: works by Deborah Klein, Paul Compton and Rona Green. Photograph: Tim Gresham

Gallery 2 detail: Shadow Box by Deborah Klein. Photograph: Tim Gresham

For those still keen to catch Wonder Room, you have until this coming Saturday, 30 November.

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