Monday, March 13, 2017

From the Bower to Art Monthly

The current issue of ART MONTHLY AUSTRALASIA (Issue 296/March, 2017) focuses on Victorian-based artists and galleries. It includes a lavish six-page spread on From the Bower: patterns of collecting, an upcoming show comprising the private collections and related artworks of Louise Saxton, Carole Wilson, Loris Button and myself (see also previous post).

From the Bower: patterns of collecting opens at Warrnambool Art Gallery on 18 March and continues until 12 June, then travels to the Art Gallery of Ballarat, where it will run from 29 July - 17 September, 2017.

Click on individual images for a clearer view.

Left hand page: introduction by the artists. Right: collection object and collage courtesy Carole Wilson

Left - right pages: Collection items and archival pigment print courtesy Deborah Klein

Left hand page: artwork and collection items courtesy Loris Button
Right hand page: collection items and artwork by Louise Saxton