Wednesday, March 29, 2017

FROM THE BOWER: the opening night and morning after

On Friday evening, March 24, we celebrated the official opening of From the Bower: patterns of collecting at Warrnambool Art Gallery. It was immensely gratifying to see the combined efforts of Loris Button, Carole Wilson, Louise Saxton and myself come to fruition at long last. The exhibition was launched by the Lady Mayoress of Warrnambool, Cr Kylie Gaston (second from right). On the far right is Acting Director of Warrnambool Art Gallery, Murray Bowes.

Louise Saxton and Loris Button (first and second from left, directly below) listen to the opening address

- along with Carole Wilson (below, far right) and the rest of the opening night crowd.

Directly after the speeches, Carole asked Tim Gresham to take some snapshots of the Bowerbirds as a memento of the exhibition launch. The following three photos are by Tim. Directly below, L - R,  are myself, Loris Button, Carole Wilson and Louise Saxton. In the foreground is Louise's Porcelain Garden. 

Below, we stand in front of my linocut installation, Iron Butterflies. In the background, centre, are collages by Carole Wilson.

The last time we stood in front of our combined collections wall, it had just been installed by Carole and Shane (see last post).

Directly below, Shane Jones views two of my Homo-insecta watercolours. To their right is a triptych by Carole Wilson.

The following morning, Tim Gresham documented the show.

While he worked, Gaye Britt (pictured below), Kathryn Ryan, Paul Logsdon, Shane and I and took the opportunity to view the show again, minus the previous evening's crowd.

Nevertheless, there was a steady stream of visitors the whole time we were there.

The documentation process continued...

Meanwhile, Louise Saxton and her husband, Colin, also called in for a second look at the show. Pictured below, L - R: Paul Logsdon, Kathryn Ryan, Louise, Colin and Gaye Britt.

Below: Paul Logsdon and Shane Jones. Artworks and collection objects are mine, Loris Button's and Louise Saxton's.

After opening night and the many lovely people we met, for Shane and I, the greatest pleasure of our long weekend at Warrnambool was spending quality time with old friends. From left, flanking my Tattooed Faces Sampler (1997) are Gaye Britt, myself, Kathryn Ryan, Paul Logsdon and Tim Gresham. Photo credit: Shane Jones.

Shane also took the following two shots. Directly below, I'm checking out my Iron Butterflies, an installation of cut out linocuts.

-  then taking a closer look at the combined collections installation, which includes selections from my hair ornament, insect, lino block, mask and shadow puppet collections.

Below, Tim sets up another shot. On the far wall are three of Carole Wilson's artworks and on the partition, far right, is a shadow box containing objects from the collection of Loris Button.

Below, from right: Three collages by Carole Wilson and an installation view of my Cabinet of Moth Masks.

A lively group of students arrived. They were particularly engaged with the combined collections wall.

L - R below: Paul, Gaye, Shane and Tim.

Below: an installation view of collection items of Loris Button and Louise Saxton (L - R). Second from right are artworks by Loris Button (part of her Travelling Tales). On the far right are my Homo-insecta watercolours.

A detail from one of the large vitrines, containing collection items from all the artists.

Below are my Homo-insecta watercolours

- and Vignette Vitrine, a box box of Shadow Women.

Tim Gresham's installation views will be featured in the near future.

From the Bower continues until 12 June. For details of opening times, scroll to the end of the last post or go HERE.