Thursday, March 9, 2017

Warrnambool part 2

My last post was written just before heading off to Warrnambool to give a linocut workshop that took place on the weekend of 18 -19 February. Rather a lot has happened since then (including a bout of bronchitis I could have lived without). Aside from that, the bulk of my time has been spent preparing for a forthcoming group show that, ironically, will take me back to Warrnambool once more. 

Meanwhile, thank you so much to everyone who attended the linocut workshop at Studio 10 in the Fletcher Jones Factory. What a lively, enthusiastic, hard working and talented group they were. Huge thanks also to Glenn Morgan for making it all happen, ensuring everything ran like clockwork and for looking after us so well. The following photos of the workshop were taken by Shane Jones. 

As an added bonus, we were able to catch up with our old friend, Kathryn Ryan, who is now based in her home town of Warrnambool. It's always a privilege to see an artist's workspace, and our tour of Kathryn's beautiful house and studio, together with a preview of her stunning new works on paper, was just that.

Glenn also showed his latest work in progress in his shed, as he calls his studio. I'm a huge fan, so this was also a treat. 

Glenn shares my enthusiasm for carnivals and sideshows, as this fabulous work testifies: 

Shane and I stayed with Glenn for the weekend; what a wonderful host he was. On our last night he prepared a sumptuous feast for Shane, Kathryn and I.

Next Wednesday I'm heading back to Warrnambool to deliver work for a forthcoming group exhibition, From the Bower - patterns of collecting, which opens at Warrnambool Art Gallery on 24 March. (Full details to follow soon).