Saturday, May 14, 2016

More Eventidings

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, I'm unable to attend today's opening of Eventide at Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery, so I'm very grateful for the partial installation view below, which MPRG curator Gary Lacy has forwarded via Eventide curator Rona Green.

Thanks also to Rona for the photograph of the work I made for EventideCossodes lyonetii Moth Woman (2016, linocut, 32 x 30 cm, printed by Bill Young and hand coloured by me). Photo credit: Tim Gresham.

Finally, a view of the working table at Moth Woman Press, showing early stages of The Enchanted Hair Ornaments, the second of two mini-zines I made to coincide with the exhibition. Both mini-zines and my book, There was once... The collected fairy tales, are now on display in the shop at Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery, where they will remain for the remainder of the show. To see the finished mini-zine, visit Moth Woman Press HERE.

Eventide will be officially launched at 4.00 this afternoon and the exhibition runs until 3 July. For further information, scroll down to previous post.