Monday, May 9, 2016


Poster for the documentary. Click on image to enlarge.

In recent weeks one of my early drawings, Virginia Woolf and the Lighthouse (1992) was used as the basis for the cover art of Mekong Delta Blues, the latest CD by those superb Cambodian-based musicians known collectively as Krom. The drawing has also been used on the poster for a new documentary about the group, KROM: SONGS FROM THE NOIR AND THE MEKONG HEART. Layout for both the poster and CD cover are by Anya Minko.

On May 4 a special release of the movie was launched on You Tube.
You can watch KROM: SONGS FROM THE NOIR AND THE MEKONG HEART at the following link:

KROM's new album, Mekong Delta Blues is released on the MUSIK and FILM label and is available through AMAZON.

Here are some early responses:

Krom’s music is gut twisting songs connected to something profound, night time whispers, raw and real.
Roland Joffe, Director, The Killing Fields and The Mission

'...a triumph.......delighted to say, the  new album from Cambodian band KROM is a cracker....It's stunning...beautifully performed, mixed and produced... Cambodian C+W soul...marvellous...'
Mark Coles, The Shed, BBC radio

This is a highly emotive story about a remarkable group of talented people who have created a new genre: Mekong Delta Blues. Through their haunting fusion of traditional Cambodian folk and 'in your face' noir blues comes this wonderful album. In their unique way they paint the beauty of an ancient region in a modern and enticing manner. Their music highlights the deep rooted anguish of Cambodia's past, preserving almost extinguished Khmer melodies and raising awareness of the plight of disadvantaged and exploited women in the immiscible cauldron of humanity that is Phnom Penh. They are Krom...
Chris Catto-Smith

For more about Krom, see Blog Post Tuesday, 12 April, 2016.

Krom's Facebook Page (Christopher Minko/Mekong Sessions Krom) is here: