Monday, May 2, 2016

Memory #20

Pictured above is Memory #20, the most recently completed digital image from the continuing Leaves of Absence series. As I mentioned in a recent Blog Post (Memory #17, Tuesday, April 19) most of these works have a long gestation period - this one far more so than any of the others to date. I’ve made so many different states of Memory #20 that in the end it became impossible to clearly focus on which ones worked and which didn’t – or indeed, if any of them had any merit at all.

Yesterday morning I was looking over the latest proofs and just as my eyes began to glaze over, there was an all too rare moment of clarity in which I recognized that the version of the work reproduced above was, at long last, The One (or pretty close to it). 

Pictured below is the genesis of the work, a silhouette drawn onto a eucalyptus leaf with Winsor and Newton pigment markers. (The abovementioned blog post outlines the process from go to whoa).

The following “proof sheet” is a very small sample of the umpteen trial proofs I’ve made over the past several weeks.