Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Compliments of the Season

After seven months of serial house moving, Shane and I are looking forward to staying in our new house today and doing as little as possible, at least for most of the day.

This evening, we'll follow our long tradition of visiting a dear friend in Melbourne and enjoying a classic film at the Alhambra, his home cinema, along with a small group of likeminded friends. This year, it's the delightful My Man Godfrey (1936) with Carole Lombard and William Powell.

Meanwhile, our own home cinema is taking shape, although it still lacks a projector. At present, our Christmas tree graces the stage.

In the following photo, a seemingly benign Alice has positioned herself under the tree ...

... but soon blots her copybook by trying to eat one of the decorations, a miniature cuckoo clock from Germany.

However you celebrate today, or if you simply choose to ignore it, have a safe and happy day.