Friday, August 3, 2018

MY MONSTER floor talk

Far left: artwork by Patricia Piccinini, foreground: my unbound artist book Homo-insecta, an Unnatural History Portfolio

Today is the first day of the Melbourne International Film Festival; between now and 19 August, I'll be seeing over 60 films. Just before I throw myself down the rabbit hole and into the Wonderland of MIFF 2018, here are some snapshots of last night’s floor talk, METAMORPHOSIS AND TRANSFORMATION, presented with Jazmina Cininas as part of MY MONSTER: The Human Animal Hybrid at RMIT Gallery. (Scroll down to see Jazmina and I with a selection of her astonishing Girlie Werewolf reduction linocuts). 

Many thanks to exhibition curator Evelyn Tsitas, to RMIT Gallery for having us and to all who came along. 

Photo credits: Shane Jones.

In full voice, alongside my Homo-insecta watercolours

It was delightful, as always, to reunite with my old friend and former colleague
Jazmina Cininas and her Girlie Werewoves