Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Walking and Talking at The Johnston Collection

Pictured above: A corner of the Natural History Room created for PATTERNS OF COLLECTING/From the Bower at the Johnston CollectionIn colonial times the 'picturesque pursuit' of natural history illustration was considered a respectable pastime for amateur women artists much like those imagined here. In fact, numerous women, among them Elizabeth Gould, Margaret Flockton, Harriet and Helena Scott, Sarah Stone, Louisa Anne Meredith and Rosa Fiveash were invaluable contributors to the field.

The European Butterflies and Moths book is a treasured gift from recently retired Art Gallery of Ballarat Director, Gordon Morrison. In fact, the Natural History Room was essentially built around it. Gordon has just reminded me (and I quote):  'Don't forget Margaret Stockton who apart from being an exceptional artist, managed the unthinkable and became the first salaried artist at the Sydney Botanical Gardens'. 

This morning between 10 am - 12 pm fellow Bower artist Loris Button and I are leading an informal Walk-and-Talk through the treasure-laden rooms of of Fairhall Exhibition House at The Johnston Collection House Museum. We’d love to see you there.