Sunday, July 1, 2018

My Monsters at RMIT Gallery

Shortly before My Monster: the Human-Animal Hybrid officially opened its doors (to a queue of 1,400 people, I'm reliably informed!) we were invited to a special curator's talk. During that relatively quiet time we seized the moment to take these photos. That's me above, pictured with two of my monstrous creations. (Photo credit: Shane Jones).

I'm delighted with the way my works are presented. Ordinarily I'm not a huge admirer of patterned walls in contemporary art exhibitions - they have a tendency to overpower the work - but in this case, I think it works brilliantly.

Actinus imperialis Beetle Woman, watercolour (installation view at RMIT Gallery)

Ladybird Woman, watercolour (installation view at RMIT Gallery)

There is a substantial article about the show in yesterday's Age newspaper (Saturday, June 30). My watercolour Actinus imperialis Beetle Woman (also pictured above, third from top) is reproduced, along with works by Kate Clark, Peter Ellis, Rona Green and a photographic portrait of My Monster curator Evelyn Tsitas.