Tuesday, March 22, 2016


As recent visitors to this blog will be aware, several of my Homo-insecta watercolours were lately part of the group exhibition Modern Myth at Counihan Gallery In Brunswick, which ran from 5 February - 6 March. Its visionary curator was Dominica Vavala, who was also a participating artist.

At Domenica’s behest, photographer Tim Gresham took a number of installation views; however, I’ve only recently got around to collecting them from him. Although it’s somewhat after the event, I’m posting a selection of them now, mainly for the benefit of those who couldn’t make the show, but also as a personal memento of an exhibiting experience I'll always look back on with unreserved pleasure.

To learn more about the works reproduced below, I recommend the wonderful opening address by Modern Myth artist Jazmina Cininas which was reproduced in my Blog Post Modern Myth Floor Talks on Wednesday, February 17. To read it, click HERE and scroll down.

Left-right: works by Carmel Seymour, Dear Plastic and Deborah Klein

L-R (background): works by Deborah Klein, Linda Studená, Carmel Seymour;
Centre foreground: works by Dear Plastic

Left: works by Linda Studená; right: works by Minela Krupić

Background left: works by Carmel Seymour and Dear Plastic;
Background right: works by Deborah Klein and Linda Studená;
Left partition: works by Paul Compton; right foreground work by Annette Phillips

Right: works by Domenica Vavala; far left: work by Eddy Carroll 

Left-right; works by Eddy Carroll, Annette Phillips, Paul Compton and Deborah Klein

L-R: works by Eddy Carroll

L-R: works by Jazmina Caninas, Domenica Vavala and (foreground right): Annette Phillips

Foreground right: works by Jazmina Cininas and Alesh Macak

Left wall: works by Deborah Klein, Linda Studená; far wall: Minela Krupić; right: Dear Plastic

Left: Minela Krupić; Centre: Jazmina Cininas: Right: Domenica Vavala: Foreground right: Annette Phillips

Domenica Vavala and Jazmina Cininas

Eddy Carroll

Paul Compton

Deborah Klein

Minela Krupić