Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Art Insights (Part 2)

I must admit I’m usually filled with trepidation at even the thought of giving an artist talk. Although I’ve given a fair few in my time, that sense of impending doom never quite wears off. Today I arrived at the Art Gallery of Ballarat at the appointed hour, apprehensive that no one would come to my talk - but equally anxious that I would have a full house, all of them bearing witness to my inadequate public speaking abilities.

As it turned out, we had standing room only. What a warm and responsive audience they were - so much so that I almost forgot to feel nervous and even started to relax and enjoy myself. A huge thank you to everyone who came, with special thanks to Kelly (pictured above, left) and the gallery guides, who were incredibly welcoming and who treated us to a superb lunch afterwards. Thanks also to my partner Shane Jones, who made a special train trip from Melbourne to attend, and who took the photos you see here. (Click on images to enlarge).

For more photos of the talk, visit Moth Woman Press HERE.