Sunday, October 11, 2015

Art Insights

Next Wednesday, 14 October I’m giving an informal artist talk at the Art Gallery of Ballarat as part of their Art Insights series. For the past several weeks I’ve been compiling images for this, my first ever Power Point presentation (see above). I’ve enjoyed the process a great deal – it’s felt very much like curating a virtual exhibition of my work.

This is certainly not the first artist talk I’ve given. Previously, however, my slide talk was stored in my laptop. For too many years I lugged this along to venues far and wide, along with an assortment of leads and adaptors. It was a cumbersome exercise in more ways than one.

I’m now enjoying the ease with which I can change the order of slides and include more than one image per page, together with relevant textual information. I’ve also been able to create title pages and self-contained narratives within the longer story. For example, the page Evolution of a linocut comprises development stages of Ideopsis gaura (Dainty paperwing) Woman, currently on display in the gallery as part of the group exhibition Parallel Prints. (See previous post).

Throughout a practice spanning more than three decades I’ve explored numerous themes, and have always had the nagging concern that viewed collectively the work may appear fragmented, almost as if it were made by different hands. This exercise has given me an invaluable overview - I can see the common threads that weave through the work, with one series segueing fairly seamlessly into the next. It’s gratifying to know that it’s not quite the crazy patchwork quilt I feared it might be.

Art Insight: Deborah Klein
Wednesday, 14 October, 12.30 -1.30 pm.
McCain Hall
Art Gallery of Ballarat
40 Lydiard Street North
Ballarat Vic 3350

Admission is free. For further details, go HERE.

A random selection of title pages from the presentation are directly below: