Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Leaves of Absence: Memory #3 Revisited

Memory #3, 2015, digital print, 29.5 x 22.5 cm 

Since returning from Hobart I’ve been substantially reworking selected images from the current suite of digital prints (now titled Leaves of Absence), applying the modest store of technical knowhow that I’ve haphazardly accumulated in an effort to simplify and refine them.

A handful of the prints were already resolved and these won’t be altered. They include Memory #1 and Memory #2, the works that recently traveled to IMPACT9 in China.

Memory #3, however, was seriously overworked. Countless hours of experimentation, trial and error later, the final result is shown above, followed by a mere handful of the many working proofs I produced, alternatively building up the layers via a series of filters and paring some of them back, before arriving the final state. The image in the bottom right hand corner of the grid below shows the original artwork, a silhouette painted with acrylic paint onto a Eucalyptus leaf. 

For more about this series and to see the original version of Memory #3, click HERE.

Memory #3: selected progress views