Saturday, August 22, 2015

Dainty paperwing Woman x 36

Last Wednesday's intensive printing session in the Ballarat studio has resulted in a veritable swarm of Ideopsis Gaura (Dainty Paperwing) Women (see photo #4 below).

Once the ink has dried, each print will be hand coloured (the butterfly from which this Homo-insecta evolved is yellow, black and white).

Due to the magic of the multiple, Ideopsis gaura (Dainty paperwing) Woman will make simultaneous debuts in October at the Art Gallery of Ballarat and Wharepuke Print Studio, New Zealand, as part of Parallel Prints, an exhibition featuring 11 Australian artists and one New Zealander: the show's curator Mark Graver. Full details TBA.

Pictured above: stages in the editioning process of Ideopsis gaura (Dainty papering) Woman, 2015, linocut, 30 x 30 cm (paper size) edition: 36.