Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Stigmodera jewel beetle woman

It seems like a year, rather than just a couple of weeks, since Shane and I were in Adelaide and longer still since Stigmodera jewel beetle woman first saw the light of day. In fact, the work was completed just before we left for South Australia. It was only after we returned that I remembered the species of jewel beetle (Classification: Coleoptera: Buprestidae) from which the Stigmodera jewel beetle woman evolved is from the Adelaide Hills, where Carrick Hill House is located. (See previous post and scroll down). It's very likely that clusters of Stigmodera beetles were observing us (at least, if they had nothing better to do) as we explored its sweeping garden. Most adult jewel beetles feed on the nectar from flowers and those at Carrick Hill are currently blooming in all their springtime glory.

Pictured below: completed Stigmodera jewel beetle woman, 2014, watercolour and pigmented drawing ink, 41.91x 29.72 cm, followed by two images of the work in progress: