Thursday, July 31, 2014

Studio visitors #2: Goldfields Printmakers

On Saturday morning  (July 26) Goldfields Printmakers, of which I’m a member, held their latest meeting at my Ballarat studio. The Agenda, drawn up by the group’s founder, President and driving force, Jimmy Pasakos was, as always, an extremely full one, detailing projects stretching well into 2016, including a planned submission for the international printmaking conference, IMPACT 9, to be held in China in 2015. (In 2013 Jimmy presented a selection of our work at IMPACT 8, hosted by the University of Dundee in Scotland; the work was also exhibited at the Art Gallery of Ballarat and Wharepuke Print Studio, New Zealand during the same year).

Next on the list for Goldfield Printmakers is our eponymous group exhibition at Firestation Print Studio, Prahran, which opens on 4 October. Full details will be posted nearer the time.

Castlemaine-based Catherine Pilgrim, a superb lithographer and an old friend, is the latest inductee to the group. It’s great to have her on board.

From left: Loris Button, Kim Barter, Jackie Gorring, Catherine Pilgrim and Goldfields Printmakers Treasurer David Pudney

From left: Jimmy Pasakos, Barbara Semler, Josephine Walsh, Loris Button. The keen-eyed will also spot Barbara’s dog Polly)

From left:  Josephine Walsh (foreground) David Pudney, Jimmy Pasakos, 
Barbara Semler and Polly.