Friday, October 25, 2013

Wonder Hang

Four happy artists: Heather Shimmen, Rona Green, Paul Compton and myself pictured during Day 1 of the installation of Wonder Room at Maroondah Art Gallery. Much credit for the exhibition's elegant design belongs to assistant curator Clinton Greenwood, who appears in both photographs at the top and, most notably, bottom left, in which the heroic hang of Rona Green's monumental painting Bogey Man has been captured for posterity. In the same shot, far left, is gallery volunteer Jennifer, who was also an essential part of Team Wonder Room. Also pictured are Clinton, Paul and Rona. To the right of this photo Heather Shimmen unveils her much anticipated Wonder Broom to the delight of Paul Compton. It now magically hovers over the other Wonder Room exhibits in Gallery 1. 

For those still contemplating a visit, the show runs until 30 November. As you enter, don't forget to look up.