Monday, November 12, 2012

Corporeal, Part 1

A project that has occupied me of late is the linocut Corporeal/Ethereal, my contribution to the Rona Green-curated print exchange portfolio Corporeal. (See also Blog Post October 8.) I was very drawn to the theme and began preliminary research some months ago. Several weeks and dozens of rough drawings later, however, few of my ideas felt quite right. Even compositions that appeared to have some potential failed to take the square-ish format fully into account (designated paper size was 60 x 50 cm.) Reluctantly, I had to abandon them all - at least as far as Corporeal was concerned - and put the project on temporary hold.

Concurrently I’d also been experimenting with painted silhouettes, some of which have featured in recent posts. I came to believe that I would eventually find my way back to Corporeal through the silhouettes, if only I could hold the faith while I took the necessary time to develop them further. This was indeed what eventuated. 

Corporeal/Ethereal was editioned by Andrew Gunnell; the completed work will feature in my next post. Another forthcoming post will illustrate its impact on the project that followed directly afterwards. In fact, although it’s still a little too soon to tell, it may well be a key image in terms of my work’s future direction.

Pictured above: Corporeal/Ethereal block: work in progress