Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Corporeal, Part 2

   Corporeal/Ethereal, 2012, linocut, 60 x 50 cm, ed. 23

As promised in my previous post, here is a reproduction of Corporeal/Ethereal, my linocut for Rona Green’s Corporeal.

Although it didn't directly inspire this image, I found much of what I wanted to express about body/spirit dichotomy reflected in a song lyric by Dory PrevinHere is a fragment:

Dory Previn, early 1970s
Curse the mind that mounts the clouds
In search of mythical kings
And only mystical things
Mystical things
Cry for the soul that will not face
The body as an equal place
And I never learned to touch for real
And feel the things iguanas feel
Where they play…

Dory Previn, Mythical Kings and Iguanas, 1971.

To see her perform the song, click HERE.

Previn, a superb, shamefully underrated American singer/songwriter died earlier this year. I still treasure the memory of her concert at London’s Albert Hall in the 1970s. This work is respectfully dedicated to her memory.

The twenty-three Corporeal artists are:

Graeme Drendel, Di Ellis, Philip Faulks, Rodney Forbes, Susan Fraser, David Frazer, Rona Green, Rew Hanks, Kaylene Kelly, Michael Kempson, Alexi Keywan, Martin King, Deborah Klein, Terry Matassoni, Ron McBurnie, Janet Parker-Smith, Travis Paterson, Ben Rak, Heather Shimmen, Stephen Spurrier, Anne Starling, Clayton Tremlett, Scott Trevelyan

Warmest thanks to Rona Green for instigating this challenging and rewarding project which I’m so proud to be part of, and to Andrew Gunnell for printing the edition of Corporeal/Ethereal.

Corporeal will be exhibited at Geelong Gallery, Victoria, during February-May 2013. Based on the works Rona showed me yesterday in her studio, it's going to be an impressive show. (Full details TBA nearer the time.)