Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Freak of Nature in Colorado

Freak of Nature exhibition curator and coordinator Rona Green recently forwarded the following installation views, taken in January at the King Family Space, University of Colorado in Boulder, Colorado. The photographs are courtesy of Melanie Yazzie, Associate Professor of Art, University of Colorado. Freak of Nature was launched last September at Switchback Gallery, Monash University, Gippsland, as part of IMPACT 7, Monash University’s International Print Symposium. (See Blog Post May 11 2011 HERE.)

Participating artists were:

Daniel Allegrucci, Neal Ambrose-Smith, Ampersand Duck (Caren Florance), Rosalind Atkins, Sam Broad, Heather Bryant, Jazmina Cininas, Elizabeth Cole, Paul Compton, Filomena Coppola, Marian Crawford, Kyla Cresswell, Robert Dente, Vincent Drane, Di Ellis, Rodney Forbes, Stephen A Fredericks, Kaitlyn Gibson, Rona Green, Richard Harding, Gregory Harrison, John Ingleton, Simon Kaan, Deborah Klein, Elizabeth Klimek, Kelvin Mann, Michelle Martin, Ron McBurnie, Joshua Norton, George Pados, Janet Parker-Smith, Susan Purdy, John Ryrie, Jane Sampson, Annelise Scott, Matthew Searle, Heather Shimmen, Margaret Silverwood, Jaune Quick-To-See Smith, Neale Stratford, R.L. Tillman, Clayton Tremlett, Sheyne Tuffery, Deborah Williams, Fleur Williams, Melanie Yazzie and Kate Zizys.

 Associate Professor Melanie Yazzie pictured with Freak of Nature 
exhibition, University of Colorado, January 2012

Installation view (detail)

To discover more about individual artists and artworks, view the online exhibition catalogue on Rona Green’s website HERE.

Pictured top left: Red Bodied Swallowtail Winged Woman, 2011, linocut, hand coloured