Thursday, June 9, 2011

Winged Women reunited at the Art Vault

Shane and I arrived at the Art Vault on Monday afternoon, the first day of my residency. Robert, Andrew, Trace and Julie gave us a great welcome - it felt very much like coming home.

My first priority was to place the work in the gallery prior to installation. Although I was prepared to pull some work out if necessary, it all fitted the space perfectly. Each piece found its place quickly; in fact it was the easiest hang I've ever experienced.

I 'm particularly thrilled with the wall of Winged Women linocuts. It was always my intention for them to be together, much like a swarm. But this is the first time a gallery space has allowed for it. Shane has a great eye for hanging artwork. He spent ages rearranging the linocuts once we’d grouped them in two rows of nine, and I gratefully give credit for the final configuration to him.

The following day Andrew, with his customary forbearance, spent long hours hanging the Winged Women. Robert and Trace also took extraordinary care to see that everything was just right for the opening the following night.

In the next couple of weeks I’ll post some shots of the launch. In the meantime, these installation views will hopefully give some idea of the look of the show.

Images above: Moth Masks and Winged Women. Click on images to enlarge.